Jasmine: DragonflyMature

I sit with my head in my hands in the back of the form room. I hardly got any sleep last night. What had made this girl come up to me? Me for god's sake! When has anyone ever done that before? I mean, it's not that I don't like her. It's more that i just don;t like people being near me in general. Why me!?!?

"Oh, hello Jasmine" our form tutor says as he walks in. "There's a letter here for you" he places it on his desk and then goes back out. See what I mean? Nobody normally even dares to go near me! I get up and get the letter. It's about a trip that only a few people get invited to. Pah! Like I'm ever going ton go to that! My phone buzzes in my pocket.

Hey, is this jasmine? it's dragonfly

AAARRGGGHH! How does she know my number? I throw the phone on the floor in frustration and it breaks. I don't really care. I didn't need it anyway. No, wait! Yes I did! It had all my spells on it! Damn!

"Just get here right now you annoying little -" I get cut off when she walks in. OK, so my spells aren't that great. I'm one of the most boring caster witches ever.

"Hi Jasmine. Still confused, a bit annoyed? OK, well I'll try not to get on your bad side today then" she sits at the table in front of me. Grrr! She's already on my bad side! "Yeah, I kind of figured that. I'll try not to get on your worse side"

"Shut up and you might succeed in being on my good side" I grit my teeth. She looks a bit offended. Why do you have to be so mean to everyone? She's the first person that's ever been nice to you and here you are turning her away. I think. I take a deep breath. "Sorry, I'm Jasmine. If you think I'm being mean just ignore me like everyone else does. I don't really like people"

"That's OK." she says. Then the rest of the class start filing in. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and prepare to face another day.

The End

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