Ivy: What Happened?Mature

I walk up and moan at the light coming through the blinds. I roll over and..... arms tighten around me. I bolt up into a sitting postion and Blake looks at me calmly.

What the hell happened? I reach up to touch my neck.

"I didn't bite you" he says sitting up.

"What happened?" I whisper.

"Nothing much, you fell asleep pretty quickly" he says reaching out his thumb stroking my cheek.

Just then his head turns quickly to look at the door.

"Your mums coming" he whisper then isn't there. A second later my mum walks in with a pile of clothing.

"Oh, your already awake" she says smiling and placing the clothes on my desk. "School in half an hour"

I stand up walking to the door as she leaves. I close it and turn around.

"Ah!" I shout jumping back. He catches my wrist so I don't fall over. "Don't do that"

"Sorry..... I'm not use to being round humans" he says pulling me into his arms.

I'm to shocked to protest and then I hear a thought close by.... maybe thought a while ago actually.

He pretty much seduced the girl. I blink and push Blake away..... well try to at least.

"Is this just a game to you?" I ask quietly.

"No" he says pulling me close again.

"Why haven't you been round humans before?" I ask starting to lose consentration.

"I've never had a reason to be" he whispers brushing his lips against my jaw bone.

"Uh..." He pull back and puts a finger to my lips in one swift movement.

"You can ask questions later" he whispers then slowly leans in and kisses me.

A soft sweet kiss that I want to last forever. I think Blake wants it to but reluctantly he pulls away leaning his forhead against mine.

"You have school" he mutters.

"I don't want to go" I mumble. He chuckles.

"Education is vital" he says stepping away and heading for the window.

"Is that how you got in?" I ask.

"No, I got in the front door but your mums down stairs" he says and smiles lifting the window up and jumping out.

My hearts still racing even though I know he's long gone.

The End

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