Brian: alright then plan B.Mature

Yeah people always think werewovles are brainless fools. True for most but not me, no Its uncanny how differently I think comparied to my counterparts.  If I didn't know better I would say I wasn't a werewolf but turining into a wolf so far beats brains. Getting to the point I watch the vampire Blakes every move. He pretty much seduced the girl. Well thats a strong word but its the vampires best weapon of pesuasion. Wow isn't that alot like this corny  human book  I just read? Well I failed at the best way to mess things up. I didn't care I never really thought I had the charisma to pull it off.

I hop down off the roof the night was perfect , only if I didn't have to do things by day. I sigh." Time for plan B."

Which involved less school. thankfully. Like I needed to put into a human institution.  So I looked at the stats. Vampires 1 , Me no points scared tons of traps set though. Werewolves - 1 they weren't getting anywhere with the we are the best atitude, witches I'm not sure if they are in this but I wouldn't count them out.  So I modified my plan, while in for the tranferr back to the darkness, I'll have the werewolves meet them at from the other side, thinking there on my tail, then that would start a war, rushing this hole entire schmozzle. This would make things messed up and perhaps radically change everything.

Change would be good, Vampires , and werewolves , could never stop fighting, witches stayed generally neutral but occasionaly manipulated the sqaubbling factions.  Now what I was doing may change the cycle of fighting and death but for better or worst was still unclear. I was hoping for the better.

The next day started fast I went back to school, I set it up so I was going to meet Ray piss him off to the point where he is going to kill me , and run back to the darkness, there I will begin to get the werewolves riled up for a universal hunt come back here and do some more manipulating. So whens its back to the Darkness the werewolves will have them self another conflict of being on vampire terth, and so on.

The End

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