Ivy: Night timeMature

I try and calm down. Keep myself bizzy.

My mum's not home she wont be till later. I baked a lot.

I love baking. I made strawberry tart, apple and pear crumble, chocolate moose, flapjack and lemon buns with little flowers on top of the icing.

"Now, I'm bored" I mutter. Voices whisper in my head and I pitch forward holding myself up with the worksurface.

I get to my feet.

I plate up some crumble and pour out some apple tizer.

I go into the living room and set up a film. I huddle up on the sofa bowl in lap.

I eat happily as I watch a action film the loud explosions blocking out some thoughts close by.

But then I burst out laughing as one. A boy, Stupid girls and they thought boys don't see hints.

I don't know why I find it so funny. Maybe I just need a good laugh.

I sigh and turn the film off. It's hardly helping.

I move upstairs to my room.

It's quite open. I make my way over to my desk and sit down pulling out my homework.

I begin on it.

You bitch. You say something like that of course I'm going to be pissed.

Wow, someone's angry.

I finish off my homework which takes about two hours cause I had english, maths, french.

They were all three pages of writing about what we did this summer and a estimate sort of thing for maths on how much we spent over the holidays.

I mean boring.

I get up and hear my mum come home.

"Hi mum" I say running out to lean over the balcony.

"Hi, honey. Have you already ate? I've seen you've been baking. How are you feeling?" she asks putting down her bag and taking her coat off and hanging it up.

"I had tomarto pasta dish and I feel slightly better" I say trying to find the right term for how I'm feeling so it won't upset her.

"Okay then" she says nodding.

"I'm going to bed now, night mum" I say walking back to my room.

"Night honey" I walk in and jump when I see Blake there. He smiles walks up and closes the door looking it past me.

"What do you want?" I whisper.

"Nothing much" he says hands sliding down my body to my waist where he grips and pulls me close.

"Blood?" I whisper scared.

"It's tempting but no" he says shaking his head.

"Then wh-" he cuts me off by pressing his lips to mine.

What the hell? I feel my arms automatically wrap around his neck pulling me closer to him. My body also steps closer and he moans slightly when I kiss him back.

What the hell am I doing?

My thoughts are racketing in my head. Just my thoughts.

I pull back only managing to get an inch away but all the thoughts attack me.

"How come I..... I couldn't hear anything?" I choke out.

"Cause put two telepaths together they cancel each other out when in....." His face goes into thought slightly as he pauses looking for the right word. "....Intimate contact"

I blush and he laughs. stroking my cheek with his finger.

"This..... this shouldn't be happening" I whisper. "We've only just met"

"Perhaps but I've been around for a long time alone and I'm not gonna let an oppertunity like this slip through my fingers" he says tilting my chin up then leaning down to kiss me again.

I should stop this right now...... He's a vampire, he's dangerous, unpredictable.

But....... I don't think I can. I think that last thought as I find myself slowly kissing him back once again.

The End

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