Ivy: No, its impossibleMature

The nurse sends me back to class but my head's burning a lot more than before.

Also I swear that some of the thought in my head..... aren't mine.

No, its impossible.

Thats her, Diamond Ivy.

I wonder if she's starting to work it out?

I turn and look at a group. They look mostly pale and have a sort of hunger look in there eyes.

I look away quickly and almost raced down the hall to the girls toilets. I rest forward on the sink arms extended.

Oh, shit I forgot my homework. Mrs Matthews is going to kill me.

I'm confused. Before or after....

I hate this class.

Those books won't fit in my bag. Ur, I need style you idiot.

"No" I shout. Luckily no one else is in the bathroom. The noise stops and my breathing is heavy.

"Are you okay?" I look up to see a pale girl.

Vampire. What? No. Wait. What?


"Yeah I'm..... I'm fine" I stutter.

She looks at me uncertain.

This girl.... she suspect me. Wait, is this that girl that everyone is on about?

"I.... I think I should go" I stutter it out then almost bolt out the class room.

But I don't go to class I go straight back to the Nurses office and this time I convince her to let me go home.

I rush out of the school but I didn't expect what happened next.

"Hey" I stop and look up.

A boy of about 17 is leaning against the wall of the alley I have to walk through to get to and from school.

"Um" I look around for somewhere to run and a word is tumbling and turning in my head.

Vampire. Vampire. Vampire.

"Ah, so you know about us now" he says smiling revealling two....... large canines. Fangs.....

"What do you want?" I whisper.

"It's simple. Everyone wants to know who and what you are" he says holding his palms up and shrugging.

"Who are you?" I ask lightly.

"Blake. You seem very calm considering all this is so new to you" he says walking up to me.

I back up and regret it cause I come up against a wall.

He traps me against the wall, his body mere centimetres from mine.

"Scared?" he whispers smiling.

Then I see something next to me but keep it out of my thoughts. He can read them.

"No" Then I pick up the small stick and wack it hard across his face.

He stumbles and I take off at a run.

He catches up easily and knocks the oak wood out of my hands. He grabs my wrists and pins me up on a wall, standing lightly on my toes.

"That was stupid" he mutters.

"Let me go" I whisper.

"Why? Why should I? Maybe I should punish you. Drink your blood right now" he says his mouth against me neck.

I feel fear creep up my spine. Why can't I have a useful gift? Telepathy can't help me here.

"Hm, no" he pulls back. "I want to see what happens in this little fiasco"

He pins both my wrists with one hand above me head before passing the finger of his free hand along my cheek.

I shiver and he chuckles slightly. Then he steps back and I slowly slide to the floor.

"Hmm" he says looking me up and down. "Might see you later tonight, Ivy"

Then he turns on his heels and leaves. What just happened?

The End

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