Almie: Late, on your first day? Tut tut.Mature

"Definatly sure about this?" Marcus asks, helping me off the magical motorbike.

"'Course I am, I wouldn't be doing it other wise would I?" I reply as we walk into the reception.

The receptionist looks up at Marc, her heart rate rapidly increases, If only I cou- Marge, stop it. You know you shouldn't...

Oooh, someone has a crush. She's dead wrong - 'scuse the pun - you're about as old as her father. I think allowed, knowing full well that he would be listening.

He mock gasps under his breath, Now that really is just not very nice.

Yeah, you'll cry if you could I'm sure.

Of course, I'm balling on the inside. I laugh out loud, the receptionist looks up to me, sees me in her sight and quickly looks away. Her eyes focusing on some paper work. Oh the compicatedness of being head vampy.

"You must be the... Lake... Twins," she looks up to Marc, a gleam in her eye. I bite my lip to stop more laughter bubble over.

"Yes we are," Marc answers, nudging me to the door, stepping up to her. His posture means one thing, he's in seductive mode.

"Well... You're..." Like putty in my hand, he thinks allowed to me.

Grow up, Marc. Y' know it's bad to mess with peoples' minds. I touch my black rimmed glasses, the barrier between freedom and slavory. Humans and other creatures really just do not know how luckly they are, that I choose to wear these glasses.


Over one hundred years old, and he is still in his teenage years - well they do say that girls mature faster.

"What I'm trying to say is..." the woman continues, in short gasps of sentances. "Is that... You're... You're late... You should have been here over three hours ago."

"Oh... well our father's ill." Ironic as neither of us has a father, his father died of of natural (for a vampire) causes at two thousand and ninety three. Marc was their last child.

I perch on the end of a black chair, tapping my foot like an impatient human. The woman stares at me for a moment, then turns back to Marc. I block out their voices as they talk about school stuff.

"Well thank you for the maps, and organisers. We'll be on our way now." He smiles at her, careful of his teeth, signalling to me with his hand to get up and move.

I walk out of the door, some strands of my hair fall from my knot, I slide them behind my ear as we walk to our first lesson - period four, for everyone else.

The End

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