Ivy: Go AwayMature

I was crowded. People were speaking introducing themselves and god it felt like hell.

I duck then crawl through a small crack and take off.

I get about a minute heads start before they realise I'm missing.

I slip into the libary and run over to my friend Eva whose scanning books. I lean forward on the libary desk breathing hard.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"I don't know why but most of the new students are almost tackling me like a group of wild animals" I exclaim.

"Hm, you did kinda get that your first day" Eva says.

"Yeah but they actually gave me space. These people act like they don't know the meaning of the word" I say flopping forward on the desk. "I have a headache"

"I have some pain killers" Eva hands them over then a glass of water and I drink them both down.

But it hardly helps. It's like my head gets worsed burning beyond control. I can hear a slight click of the curtains...... which is strange.

The liabary here is huge and the curtains are on the opposite side of the room. I shouldn't be able to hear the tiny movements they make every now and then.

"I've gotta to go. Class will be starting soon" I push my self up and say goodby to my friend before leaving.

The new kids are scattered about in the hall and I groan. I walk down and someone tries to talk to me by stepping in front but I just walk straight round him.

Leaving him looking like an idiot. His friends laugh.

"Uh, headache" I mutter putting a hand to my head.

"Hi" I look up to see a sort of childish looking girl with long silvery hair.

"Hi.... I'm sorry but I need to get to see the nurse my head is killing me" I say. Why am I apologizing these are the people who are annoying me.

But she looks to innocent to be like the others. Apart from her eyes which have a small spark to them. I would not like to see her angry.

"Oh, do need some help. I'm Nina by the way"

"Ivy, and no I'll be fine but.... thank you" I say smiling before walking off.

And I swear when I smiled at her half the guys had looked at me amazed.

Why won't they leave me alone? I don't want there attention.

The End

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