Brian: another tactic perhaps?Mature

Well from the crowds perspectective I just got rejected. Which was stupid cause I was only trying to befriend the special human , 2 if hitting on someone was saying hello , and sayting ones name. That proves this world is shallow.  Getting to the point I did fail in befriending the girl. Which may be baf becuase my plans dictate I have to befriend the human girl before one of the clans do so or else messing things up would come to a halt. Ah oh well from the smells of things witches were pouring ,  a few vampires , and a halfbreeds. Thats interesting not any formidable werewolves , wait hang on old friend. 

The bell rings and I get up calmly and felt bad for poor Ivy shes going to be covered in boys , and perhaps a few girls, but I'm sure the girls will be more subtle in their aproach.  I look back from the door and she is surrounded. I wonder will faces be pounded or will she be late for next class?  Next class a free block or as I would call it trouble making block. I place my bag of useless items in the locker and I found that old friend of mine.

" Ello their Ray!" I say happily he turns to see me his eyes deadly pools of red , " Forgot your contacts?"

" I swore I would kill you Brian , You betrayed the clan and you whole entire race." He says a little to loudly.

" You feelins sick buddy what you talking about?" I try to cover up the imbeciles actions.

He lets out a wolf growl, people step back as if he is crazy. Not the greatest time to drop a smoke grenade but this was going to turn into a fight and he was turning into a wolf.  I pull the pin and the metal canister clangs to the ground and spews a thick black smoke. Just as that happens Ray had tackeled me to the ground his large maw biting into my torso.

" You Idiot!" I yell half in pain half in his stupidity.

I  punch him in a face he rolls off me , I grab him and rush outside as the fire alarm goes off.  I throw him up against a large tree he returns to a human form. As people begin to show up.

He walks up beside me to whisper , " Brian now that we know your here its going to be very hard for you to mess up the great plan. Oh , and I will kill you and gain my revenge." Then walks away slightly bloody.

Aw hell a councill of dogs are on to me, like a care half of them are cowards , the other half to moronic to deal with me properly.  Okay back to my orginal plan , befriend girl cuase hell for everyone. I need to try a new tactic though since my first attempt failed. How should I go about doing this?

The End

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