Dragonfly Mina ReedMature

I wander casually into the school. I can tell via telepathy that I've missed the first lesson. Also that that lesson was History. Good, I hate history. I find the toilets and go in for a bit of time out of the crowds. I almost walk into someone with black hair and green eyes. I poke her mind a bit, it's easier to get someone to be friendly when you know their name. 

"Hey Jasmine," I say, holding out my hand. She looks at it suspiciously.

"How do you know my name?" she says, her eyes narrowing.

"Dragonfly Mina Reed, half vampire, half witch. You're a witch?" I ask.

"Yes..." No one ever comes this close to me out of choice normally.

"This isn't normally," I say. I manage to slip her phone halfway out of her pocket using telekinesis before she notices and shoves it roughly back in. Then she reluctantly shakes my hand.

"Mind if I sit next to you next lesson? No? Thanks," I ask, picking the answer straight out of her head. The bell goes again and we leave the toilets.

The End

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