Leena : First dayMature


ch. My dad is a whole wizard. I never knew my mum. How I turned out to be half a witch, I don't really want to know (although my dad did offer to tell me). My hazel eyes sweep the classroom, and pauses at a girl who seems to be surrounded by a couple of boys. All who seem to be chatting her up. Wow, first day at school and so popular already. I wish I'm like that.

My dad thought I didn't really fit in with anyone at Magic school. My powers are weaker than everyone else's. So he thought, why not just send Leena to a normal school, where she can blend in and act as if she is normal? Hm. What a wonderful idea! I don't care whether Leena will like it. So this is how I end up here. Sure I have powers. I can turn invisible. Gasp. Full witches could do that at the age of nine. 

Then he comes into the classroom. One hundred percent human. He glances over to the table of boys and one girl, then turn casually away.  He's fairly normal I guess. Okay, not fairly normal. He's bliddy one hundred percent human. His eyes catch mine for a fraction of a second, and my heart speeds up for the rest of registration. 

The End

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