Ivy: BoysMature


I flick a glance at the boy who moved seats to sit next to me. A few people are watching him.

The new people more interested. Like they're trying to anticipate what's he's going to do?

"Hi" I say looking away. He looks slightly confused and I hear a snigger of laughter.

Why? Why should I find him interesting? Sure, he's slightly different maybe even good looking but...... no, not for me.

I begin on finishing my book which is advanced study.

"My name's Brian" he says offering his hand. I glare at his hand then look at him.

"Ivy" I say turning back to my book.

I hear another snigger and Brian looks away looking really pissed off.

The person shuts up but from the corner of my eye I can see they're still smiling.

Uh, boy contest among the new kids.

Boys, if they have the looks think there so big and number one.

Just another way of not saying self centered morons. Okay, so I'll say it. I'm very hard to impress.

I can be embarassed but impressed..... No.

A guy tries to flirt with me and I don't like it they'll have an ache some part of there face for a week.

"Hey" I look up to meet the eyes of a happy new kid.

Hmm, wonder who this one is then. And why the hell are they all targetting me?

The End

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