Brian: HumansMature

Others came becuase of a certian mission others came becuase what was going to happen will be entertaing, I came to mess with things.  I'm A werewolf , with dark messy hair , dark orange eyes , and a rather muscular build. Short for a werewolf aged 16 , but I'm respected and reputation as troublemaker made me someone not to be associated with. 

I hate dealing with humans usually stunned idiots with technology and rationalized everything, but with that you can make the unexpected happen and it messes them up so bad.  I sat down in a uncomftrable desk and layed dow appropriate supplies. A pencil , and note book , the class was history.  I knew nothing of human history, but I needn't worry I don't think I'll be here long.  I looked around their wasn't many creatures of darkness , lots of humans and one odd human.  

Must be the one that clans are interested in. If I remember correctly Diamond Ivvy Stone was the name. I changed spots and sat beside her.

" Hello."

I probably seemed like a creeper , but I knew that this was going to seem normal compaired to what the others would try.  

The End

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