Diamond IvyMature

"Oh, shoot I'm late" I shout. I scramble and run and tumble round the house getting my stuff together.

I stop in front of the mirror for a final once over.

Golden eyes calm and unwavering. Midnight black straight hair, thin veil falling round face to half way down my back. Small face, strong chin, high cheekbones, small but slightly pouty looking lips, small nose, large oval eyes. Height, adverage. Size 8 clothing.

I nod then run down the stairs.

"Bye mum" I shout running out of the house after picking up my packed bag from where I left it in front of the door.

I pull on the straps then run down the street.

Great, I have to be late today when its the first day of a new year and a load of students are joining.

Brilliant. Just the luck of Diamond Ivy Stone could be so bad.

Uh, even my names lame. Well, most of the people I know thinks its cool but I mean who wants to be called it.

Its so complicated.

First name: Diamond Ivy

Second name: Stone

Age: 15 years old. 16 this weekend saturday.


My mum even agreed I could have a house party. Aka, she's taking and hiding all the valuable stuff and leaving an hour before the party starts.

Well, at least she's trying.

I get to school just before the gates close and can't help but give off a sigh of relief.

Time to start school.

The End

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