The Diamond in the DarknessMature

Creatures live among the Darkness. There true reality hidden from the world.
They consist of four species.
Vampire, Witches, Shapeshifters and half breeds.
What happens when a gifted Immortal which is not a witch but close to one enters there world.
She's the Dimond in the Darkness

The Darkness is not a thing but a society consisting of four species.

Vampires, Witches, Werewolves and Half-Breeds.

They have two main rules:

1. Never become close to a human. (More like don't mess with your food)

2. Never reveal The Darkness to a Human.

Of course there are others but in The Darkness if you break these you will be killed.

All Creatures have there weaknesses.

Vampires - Oak Wood and Burning can kill one.

Witches - Anything if you can get close enough.

Werewolf - Silver Bullets. (Haha, so original)

Half-Breeds - Any means but there Creature side works best.

So you see this world is dangerous.

That's unfortunate for Diamond Ivy. An immortal human. She knows nothing of The Darkness.

But that all changes when she begins to meet Creatures that she believed only existed in fairy tales.

And then the rules begin to get broken.

The End

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