Filling the EarthMature

A series of blurbs about my character, Nikita, throughout her life. Mature themes will most likely be present as more blurbs are added.

"Dad, I’m 90 years old, I don’t need you telling me what to do." Nikita scowled at the ground as she stomped along, her father only a few steps behind her. The cool, green grass curled up between her toes, inviting her to run and explore. Only she couldn’t get away from her father. He demanded her attention.

"The Lord commanded us to fill the earth, Nikita. Your brothers and sisters are all doing their part in fulfilling that command. Why aren’t you?"

"Go away. I don’t want to talk about this."

Nikita.” A solid hand on her shoulder stopped her from walking and spun her around. Nikita glared up into the eyes of her father which were filled with nothing but gentle confusion. “Nikita, what’s wrong? Don’t you want children? Don’t you want to be married to Seth?”

"No!" Nikita’s foot stomped down angrily as she shouted. "I don’t want children! I don’t want to ever have kids! Why does this Earth need more humans anyways? All we do is screw it up and make God’s creation worse! I had to invent the word murder because I’m the only one who’s ever witnessed one! Cain destroyed you and Mom, why would I want my kids to destroy me?

"And why would I want to destroy them? Why would I brink more sinners into creation? You said it yourself, this Earth isn’t how God made it. This place started out as perfect! I don’t want to screw up my children the way you did!"

A long stretch of silence filled the space after Nikita spoke. Her eyes widened a bit in fear at what she had said. Adam no longer looked at her. He looked down at the grass which waved slightly in the breeze. The look on his face was hurt tinged distinctly with guilt. Nikita swallowed dryly, also feeling the guilt of what she said.

"Dad, I—"

"It’s alright Nikita. You’re right. I won’t force you to marry Seth. I’ll tell him to find another wife. He is fond of you though. Maybe you should explain to him. I love you." He swept Nikita into his arms and she hung there limply, still feeling the pain, truth and guilt of what she had confessed.

"And Nikita, I’m sorry." Adam’s arms released her and he turned to walk away, shoulders slightly slumped. Nikita felt a burning at the back of her eyes and moved to rub at them ferociously. She would go talk to Seth. She did love him, but she refused to get married or have children.

She didn’t want to deal with the sinfulness of human beings

The End

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