Aeris: UpskillMature

I remember everything. Every single glance over my shoulder and every single weary footstep.

After leaving the Ancients, I had wandered the city. I was not a murderer. Even if my life hadn't been a law abiding one I was not cruel enough to take another's life. At least, not cruel enough to take a life for no reason.

Perhaps in this game, you had no choice. Some people are simply motivated, but before I started to play, I had already given up.

If we swapped ranks with whoever we killed, we'd have to kill the person ranked one. We could kill a million times over and not obtain our three wishes if we hadn't killed them person ranked first. Consequently we could kill only once and get our three wishes if that one kill was ranked first.

1. Amelda Rhinecourt. I will always keep an eye out for you, but to find this one lady in the world was not something I wanted to attempt. 

I no longer had a bright future, I no longer had a gloomy one either. Rome's biggest public library had taught me that.

The man who I met three months ago, the so-called historian had looked exactly the same as he did five years ago. He used to be a famous scholar but now he was only a resident of the Ancients. 

The non-aging thing hadn't really been important. One usually died before you could see possible signs of aging. Still, it ruled out my chances of having a solid life ahead of me.

I'm an escapist by nature. I had to be, but now, it was a choice. I liked the literature in the public library. I liked stories with happy endings.

I'm a realist as well. There are no happy endings in life. That's why I spent all my time in the library.

I see people come and go, they find the rule book and they smile to themselves. They are people with hope. I am not.


The End

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