Dawnya - The Game BeginsMature

My spirit rose from my crumpled and twisted body, and I stared down at it. The long slightly reddish brown hair was now scarlet with fresh blood. The gentle milk chocolate brown eyes would never smile, or laugh again. The slender five foot five frame, would never feel the tender hugs of loving arms again.

I looked around for some sort of light to go toward. That's what I always understood would happen after death; I would go into the light, and end up in Heaven, if I was good.  If I was bad, my soul would be sucked into a vortex of fire and brimstone, and I would end up in hell. I considered myself to be a good person, so I figured  my next stop would be heaven. That didn't happen.

What did happen, was so unexpected that I didn't know how to react. I saw the bus driver curse and swear his way through the deflated remains of the air bag that had saved his life. I don't  know how I knew it, but he was rip roaring drunk. He crawled out the open window of the bus without a scratch, because the bus had landed on the other side. He was the only one on the bus who had a seat belt, and an airbag. The only person who didn't deserve to live, did.

I watched him climb up the other side of the ravine, as my outrage built inside me. I ran after him and began climbing the slope before I realized that I could feel the stones bite into my hands. I could feel the pain as I slipped, and my knees were scraped raw on the hard clay earth. For some reason I didn't know about then, I was no longer a spirit, but a living breathing person.

I crawled up the ravine as fast as I could, and reached the top just as the bus driver flagged down a passing vehicle. I ran after it, but it was too late. I expected the driver would at least call 911, but I somehow knew he didn't. He told the guy who picked him up that he had been car jacked by a hitch hiker, and the guy believed him.

I went back down to the bus and found my body among the wreckage. I fished my cell phone out of my purse and placed a very dramatic at-death's-door call to 911. I put my phone in my dead hand for the emergency people to find, and crawled up the slope on the other side. I walked into a stand of trees, and sat on a moss covered rock half buried in the ground, to cry my heart out. I only stopped when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder. I looked around to see that I wasn't surrounded by trees anymore - I was in a small reading room in what looked to be a library.

"Are you alright, dear?" the lady who had tapped me on the shoulder asked.

I nodded and tried to wipe my eyes with the back of my hand. She handed me a box of tissue from a nearby table. I took several and dried my eyes. I smiled a thank you at her.

"There's coffee and biscuits in the main library if you take a book out." She told me kindly, before she left.

I wandered after her into the aisles of books. I browsed around until I found myself in a section about life after death. I didn't know how I got there, but it certainly seemed an appropriate subject, considering the situation I was in. Nothing seemed too interesting until I was drawn to a gleaming gold book that had no title on the spine. I took it back to my little reading room and opened it up. It explained everything about the Death Game. It even had a uniform in the back for the players, so we could recognize each other. I took a watch out of the pocket and it showed the number 937. My number must have been 1000 the moment I died, but several other players' deaths had occurred by the time I found out what was going on.

All of that happened three years ago, and I am now at number 59. I still haven't found that bus driver yet, but when I do, that asshole is going to suffer a long tortuous death, the same way I and many others did, thanks to him. I want a real life again. I want to be extraordinary in every way. I want to be rich and famous, when I reach number 1. I had a nice life before, but it was ordinary, and not very exciting. My death was the only really interesting thing about my past life. I want my second life to be so much better. That's why I'm so determined to win this game, that I'm willing to kill over and over and over again, until I do.

The End

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