Dawnya - A Bus to NowhereMature

I flipped through the pages of a celebrity magazine, and yawned. I was bored, bored, bored. The glossy pictures of starlets and handsome leading men just didn't hold my interest the way they used to. The biggest reason for that, was because I knew a lot of the people in those pages when they were nobodies - like me. I could tell you who had breast implants, and who had hair implants.

I wasn't jealous really, I knew how hard most of them worked to get where they were. I knew all about the fourteen hour shifts at filming a movie in all kinds of weather conditions. I knew all about doing scene after scene until the actor / actress literally dropped from exhaustion. My shoulders were perpetually soggy from being cried on so much.

No, I wasn't jealous of them, I wanted to be one of them. My job as assistant to a top ranking talent agent brought me into daily contact with some of the brightest stars in the entertainment firmament. I wanted all the perks that came with being rich and famous. I wanted first class tickets on a plane cross country to see a new talent prospect, instead of being stuck on a bus for three days. I idly watched the scenery change as we passed it, until I finally fell asleep.

A sudden lurch threw me forward then sideways, and woke me up. The bus was travelling at a speed that must have far exceeded the speed limit, and it listed far to the right, which threw me up against the window. High pitched screams of pain and terror reverberated around the enclosed space,  as the bus left the highway, and began to bounce down a steep slope. At some point, the vehicle went airborne and landed with an earsplitting crash!

The bus ended up on its side at the bottom of a very steep ravine. Unfortunately, the side it landed on was the one I was on. The window shattered under me and I went right through it just before the bus fell on top of me. I wish I had died then, like some of the other passengers, but I wasn't so lucky. I was trapped half in, and half out of the window, the broken glass cutting me in a dozen different places. My screams only fell on the dead or dying ears of the rest of the passengers. The bus's weight settling into the dirt, crushed the life out of me at a slow, and excruciatingly painful rate.

I don't remember how long it took me to die, but I do remember that I felt every horrible minute of it. I think that would have been the end of it all, if I hadn't died just when I did, and saw just what I saw. Instead of being the end of it all for me, it was the beginning of the Death Game for me.

The End

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