I picked the lock on the door open. I didnt know how I knew how to do this, but I did. It swung open silently and  I entered the apartment. It was a dump, clothes, both dirty and clean, covered the floor. Pizza boxes and other takeout containers littered the area in between. I took the knife in my hand and stepped carefully around the mess to find him slumped over a couch in front of the TV. He stared at the box, stolidly ignoring me, but I could tell he knew I was here. His muscles were tense. I turned down the volume of the TV and stood next to it. Next to the glare of the screen, he couldnt make out my features.

"Times up." I said, making my voice a little lower, little scarier. More like a combination of a hiss and a growl than actual words.

"Who are you?" The man stuttered. "I didnt do anything, I swear."

"You know who I am, and you know what you did." I said mysteriously, loving the effect I was having. "And now your time has come."

"Time--" He began, but froze as I flashed the knife.

"To die." I said, slitting his throat, good and clean, taking his bleeding throat in my hands, preventing any from falling on the floor. I could hear his heart beating slower, until finally, it stopped. Then, I waited.

He stirred some hours later, to find me perched like a bird on the edge of the table. One arm resting on my knee, knife in the other hand. "Good, your awake." I said. "Welcome to the game." I grinned evilly as he stared at the knife, held casually in my hand, the flat of its blade tapping lightly against my leg. The lighting was just right for him to know that that was the blade he used to kill me, but he still couldnt see my face. "But, I'm afraid you wont last long here." I jumped off the table and came towards him, the performance done. "You killed me, and I'm gonna kill you, good and proper, to make sure you never kill anyone else again." The fear in his eyes was aweful, and for a second, I felt like just leaving him alone. He'd just had his throat slit open for goodness' sake. "This worlds more adult than any you told me about." I said. "And its not a good place to be, so I'll let you off easy, you dont have to murder anyone else." I took the knife and stabbed him in the heart, right in the front, so he could see my face as he died again.

"J-Jet..." Was his last word before he crumbled into dust.

His death was not satisfying. It was the most horrible experience I'd ever had. But I was in the Game now, and I had to survive. I wasnt a kid anymore. It was time to start acting like it. I flipped the knife end over end, catching it deftly. My weapon. The view of the city, now lit up with the coming of night, was brilliant. After the police investigated the murder, I'd move in, clean up,  find out what I needed to do to get out of this limb, then wait do it. Where to go when the police came in, though. One word popped into my head.


The End

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