Callandra; Starting in the Death GameMature

I walked about aimlessly after my funeral, wondering if i was a host that everyone could see. I had to eat, drink and do other things... so I can't be a ghost - right? I soon found myself standing in a homeless shelter. One of the men there seemed to notice something about me and told me to go to the library; they gave out free coffee and biscuits in the morning if you take out books. The homeless shelter offered being a registered address just so we could do that.

I sat in the library with a mug of coffee and a custard cream. I was wondering what had actually happened. Had I really been in a coma and somehow imagined the life of one of my friends? It didn't seem plausible. I paced about the aisles looking for a book on life after death but all were mainly religious beliefs on the matter. None of the others caught my attention. Until I came to a golden book in the section. I didn't notice it ever before when I'd been to the library. I sat back down and started to read.

Hello, and welcome to the death game participant! by now you're most probably wondering what I'm writing about, so I'll explain the basics.

  • You died unfairly - let me guess, shot, stabbed, lynched, drowned, poisoned - you name it there are others in the game who've gone through it.
  • You are wondering why you have never seen this book before, well only people in the game can see it.
  • You are now wondering how this book seems to be tailored to you?
  • The answer to above is that the book feeds up the need for answers in the participant's mind.
  • Great isn't it?
  • Anyway, Back to the death game, there aren't many rules so I'll explain this once and you should understand ... OK?
  • You start as 1000/1000 participants. When you reach rank 1 you get granted three wishes - and they can be anything!
  • Now this isn't a game of waiting - no siree! In order to advance rank you must kill. When you kill a rank below you, all the numbers shift up, so if you were 1000 and 56 was killed and 267 moved up to it, the new player doesn't fill the gap, everyone moves up one and a new player is inducted.
  • So what about you? You've been in the game for about a month now, some players are dead so you're not rank 1000 anymore. You are now rank 922.
  • But I never explained what happens if you kill above you! If you kill a rank above you, you take their rank.
  • If you want to know your rank you can look at the watch that is in your game uniform. You'll find your uniform in a cellophane wrapper in the back of this book. It's been shrink-wrapped. I guess that also explains how you'll tell a player from a non-player.
  • Above all, never reveal the Death game to anyone. Kill quickly and try not to be killed.
  • Good luck!

I flicked the pages, nothing else. So this was it. I pulled the uniform from the back of the book and ran to the bathroom. I pulled on the stretchy clothes, a black and white checkered top and bright red leggings. There was a small pocket in the top and I pulled out a golden wristwatch. My number displayed in pearl colored enamel. It changed before my eyes. How I don't know, I became #921.


I ran from the library, leaving my half finished coffee and biscuit crumbs. It took my two hours of searching in places I'd hide to find another player. He was young, about 16 and he looked scared. We spoke frankly and quickly. He told me about how he died. He wanted to go to the afterlife, he didn't care he was shot, he wanted to die but was too scared. He'd been in hiding for a few years and he was #651. I didn't take any pleasure in taking his life. I strangled him to death, when his heart stopped beating he vanished into dust before my eyes. I cried for hours and took myself back to the shelter. I told them someone had given me the new clothes and this watch was something my mam gave to me when she died. Too sentimental to sell. They didn't realize anything. How my hands were stained with blood!

I left soon after that day, starting my travels to find other players and get to rank #1. Those three wishes were worth anything. Absolutely anything.


That was nearly a year ago. I'm now rank 127 and I need to get higher. I need those three wishes, I'd lost my fear of dying, my fears of killing. I wanted mine and my son's lives back. I wanted to live again.

The End

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