Liam: A Knife To The Heart.Mature

We're all fools for love. Love is blind. Love makes the world go round.

So many cliches... Yet none of them prepare you for when the one you love sticks a knife in your heart and walks away. She never even looked back. Whatever she had drugged me with left me paralysed as I listened to her tell me exactly how she had betrayed me. How she had lied. Double crossed me.

When I woke again, I knew instinctively I was in the game. Once I had mourned for my love and the life she had cost me, rage suffused every fibre of my being. I would make her feel this pain. I would have given her the universe if she had asked and she had shown me that I was worth nothing. What was worse, I discovered she had spread her poison through my family and closest friends, destroying their lives. Some of them may be in the game, but I hadn't come across them and I avoided checking tables for them. I knew my rank-88. Thats all I needed for now. I was looking for number one. Hunting. I wanted out, I wanted revenge and I wanted a life that would be free from anything like this nightmare again.

I wandered the streets of some city, not really paying attention. I turned down an alley and was faced with a lone guy. Some instinct told me he was in the game.

"Aw hell." I muttered. "Third time this week."

The End

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