Callandra - DeathMature

Isn't it funny how you think you'll die and just go to either heaven or hell. It depended what you believed. I had always been a devout Christian until my death - I thought I was going to be meeting St Peter at the pearly gates when I discovered I was dead. How wrong I was.

My death was a painful affair, I was sweating. I remember it shedding from my skin so fast I could have been one of those cartoon cats with holey bellies after drinking water, sort of like a watering can. I was having fits and shaking with the cold then boiling. In my death throes I swear I could see light, it was beautiful and it was like an anesthetic. Then I woke up. And it wasn't where I wanted it to be.

I woke up in a dirty alley, as if I were a drunk and had forgotten myself, imagining my own death and previous life. I know I wasn't, although the thought did seem the most plausible at first and sort of preferable to dying. I had been inducted into the game. This game was worse than death - I wish that I'd died - or not died sometimes I don't know.

While I was still a rank 1000 I went to my own funeral, although no-one seemed to notice me as me. So I posed as one of my friends, Logan (my husband) didn't go out with my friends and didn't know half of them so it was a good idea. My family were weeping, but there was someone missing. Where was my baby boy? My sweet little baby Logan Jr? Surely they left him with a relative - so he didn't have to go to his mother's funeral? But I soon found it to be untrue. He had been placed in my coffin cradled in my arms. Also the same death. I soon found out through one of my own best friends that in the autopsy they found poison in both our bloods. Strychnine. An amount equal to three grains was found in my blood, and the probable amount that would pass to Logan via breast-milk was found in his.

I waited, not participating in the game, wanting to find out our killer. Racking my brains. It eventually came out in court that it was my mother-in-law. She'd put it in my coffee as it had a bitter taste that coffee could cover. So many thoughts filled my head "I wish I drank tea. I'm so stupid. She killed my baby!" She was sentenced to 20 years to life in jail. She'd be in her late 60's if she came out, and she'd still be alive.

That was a few years ago and after I had settled that, I started to play the game. I am now rank 127, and I'm going to get to 1... no matter what. I want to have my life back.

The End

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