Agent Two - Watching

"Hey guys" Lea said sitting on the opposite side of me. "Please say I'm not the only one seeing doubles"

"Hand her the book" I sighed. Maria tossed it pass me to Lea while I leant forward watching the three. 

Lea rose suddenly. "What? No! This-this has got to be some joke!"

"Cakm down, Lea" Maria said rushing round me to calm her while I just watched our three subjects. Lea's had joined them. She didn't look prepared like the other two so she must have just stumbled across them.

"Calm down! Calm down?!" Lea cried gaining us attention meaning we had to move back out of view which meant I couldn't see our targets.

"Shut up, Lea. You're going to get us seen" I snapped with an annoyed tone to my voice. Maria glanced at me also annoyed giving me this look that said I wasn't helping. She took Lea aside who was almost hyperventilating. She pried the book from her fingers and started talking to her slowly which seemed to get her to calm down.

I shook my head and went back to the ledge. Shoot. All there of them had left the coffee shop.  I looked up and down the street just spotting them at the end. I went round to the side of the building we were on and started climbing down.

"Where are you going?" Maria hissed at me as she followed me to the ladder. 

"Making sure we don't lose them" I replied then climbed down ignoring her questions that followed. I picked up a quick pace and reached the point at the end of the road where I had seen them. They weren't in sight. Well two of them weren't. 

Lea's for a strange reason was stood alone at a bus stop. I tilted my head and slowly moved over to sit two seats down from her. She glanced at me with her deep blue eyes and strangely the look of her made me catch my breath.

"Why are you staring at me?" 

I blinked and was embarrassed to discover I was staring at her. "Sorry... You remind me of some one"

The End

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