Powers of Eavesdropping

In a panic, I turn into the nearest community building, a college coffee shop. Though the shop is relatively empty, I know that morning classes are probably done soon, and the students will come here for a break. I look around, to find the best place to sit- out of sight from outside. The shop is on a corner, so the big bay windows cover two corners of the shop. The back wall is painted the color of coffee with cream, accented with a dark green border on the top and bottom, with a giant picture of coffee beans in the middle. I guess they were going for the coffee theme; it is a coffee shop after all.

Nervously I order a cappuccino and sit down at a small  table near the back of the cafe, in an attempt to stay out of sight from the windows. I calm myself down, with help from a few kind strangers, offering words of sympathy upon seeing my rattled appearance. Finally I hear the inevitable; the police sirens rounding the corner to the alleyway I was in. I duck my head lower in guilt and shame, staring at my hands in shock and horror. 

What did I do? How did I do it? I think to myself sipping my drink and glancing cautiously at the door of the coffee shop. I can't keep the paranoia of being caught in my crime down; trying to play it cool and still only feeling a web of nerves in my gut. I feel like I am going to vomit, the coffee I am drinking being no help to my adrenaline filled heart.

Suddenly there is a commotion at the door; a blond guy walks in. He has a dark leather jacket over a pair of black pants and suede shoes. A little odd, but I'm not one to comment, considering my previous choice of winter attire. He looks as nervous as I do. His hands seem permanently in his pockets and he paces a little as he waits in line for his turn to order. Finally when he orders, he seems to calm down. I see him take deep breaths and whisper to himself as he pulls out the money to pay. Unexpectedly, he looks my way and I try to avert my eyes, failing. For some reason I find myself unable to look away from this unknown person in the coffee shop.

I see that he feels my eyes on him as he makes his way over to a table to sit down. Though he sits with his back to me, I unwillingly bore my eyes into him, taking a strange pleasure in watching him squirm uncomfortably. It seems as though he has done something suspicious too. I hope he didn't k--- I cut off the thought and take a sip of my coffee.

What seems like an hour or so later, I watch a young girl walk in; she has short bobbed hair, and big brown eyes. She seems a little young in her blue jeans, red high tops and what appears to be a matching hoodie. It doesn't help that she is wearing a fingerless glove on one hand; miss matching to the atmosphere, and a little young to be in college.

I watch her search the groups of students, and stop on the blond boy from earlier. Walking over, messenger bag in tow, she sits down on the chair in front of him, and so begins my eavesdropping.

"Alexia" She reaches out her hand.

"Sky" He shakes it.


Stop listening in I think to myself, though I know I won't stop. My coffee is long gone, but it was in a takeout cup, so I continue drinking like I'm not done, in case people start to wonder why I'm still here.

The girl "Alexia" has taken out her laptop, and she tacks away at the keys almost aimlessly to me, as they talk. What seems like mindless banter about the company my parents worked for, turns into something much worse.

“Like I said, my family has been working for Medix for a long time. But due to some... odd happenings, I’ve considered doing a little research on the corporation. I’m not what you would call a computer expert though.” He says, looking at his untouched coffee.

No response, just tacking away.

“So I decided to look for one and my friend, Fredrik, recommended you.” He tenses up. “...He said you were one of the best,”

“Well, I guess no one can say I’m bad at what I do,” she replies. 

“I could help you, but...” She sighs, before suddenly straightening up. 

I listen to the insanely fast tacking as she asks a few questions. My eyes widen as I come to the same conclusion she does.

Both his family, and her family are missing too.

In horror, I sit and listen as they make a deal to help one another. As they shake hands, I feel myself stand up, causing my chair to fall and the whole room to gawk at me like I'm an alien.

"Um, sorry." I look down at the two in front of me, though "Alexia" has already looked away to her computer.


"Erikka Aden" She interrupts. "And you're family is missing too, I presume" She looks me square in my shocked face as I pick up my chair and lower myself at their table.I can tell the boy is shocked too, but I don't look at him, only to the girl as she slowly forms a smile.

"It seems we have something in common." She grins, playfully.

The End

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