Blood Will Tell

It had been a long time since Sky felt this torn. 

There he was, sitting face to face with the girl who had readily introduced herself as Alexia Rikona, the (very young) teenage girl who was supposed to be, according to his friend, the town’s top computer expert and his only hope at finding his mother. 

He wanted to strangle Fredrik, that he was sure of. Omitting this sort of information from him was exactly the kind of senseless and immature prank that the redhead would pull.  On the other hand, his friend wasn’t known for lying straight out either, quite the opposite; Fredrik was the kind of person who enjoyed telling the truths, even the ones best left unsaid, no matter the consequences. 

That said, he had to somehow trust Fredrik and believe that the teen sitting across him, with her slack posture, ripped jeans, fingerless gloves, sleek bob, roundish tan face and big coffee brown eyes was the computer genius he was looking for. 

He supposed he could and should. Looks were, after all, deceiving. Even if her appearance did make him feel old and outdated in comparison, her words and behavior had yet to disappoint him. 

Trust was another thing, however, and Ink was not helping the whole acceptance process. The symbiont had been jolting, tossing and turning in the pocket of his black jacket the minute Alexia had stepped into the coffee shop. He was pretty sure the girl couldn’t see the struggle beneath the wooden table, but it still made him break into a sweat whenever Ink gave a particularly violent (though fortunately silent) lurch to try and break free from the hand that he was forced to keep inside his pocket. 

Sky had no idea why the symbiont was acting out like that. Earlier that day there had been an announcement of an impending storm that would hit the town at night on the news, something which made them both uneasy, but he had assured Ink that they would be safe at Fredrik’s by then. No, the cause was definitely the girl, the blonde just couldn’t figure out why exactly. 

“So, why do you need my help?” Alexia questioned after taking a sip from the coffee he had ordered for her. Those brown eyes hadn’t left his own during the whole conversation. It didn’t help that they reminded him so much of the raw chocolate that his mother loved to use whenever they tried a new dessert recipe, that and the fact that he had been forced to leave his own cup of mocha latte alone because of Ink. 

Sky sighed, already tired of the ‘always answer with a question’ manner of the girl. She was obviously a smart and curious girl, but the conversation was becoming too much like a never ending game of tug of war because of it.

He had to end it. 

“Like I said, my family has been working for Medix for a long time. But due to some... odd happenings, I’ve considered doing a little research on the corporation. I’m not what you would call a computer expert though.” 

That was a big understatement. According to Fredrik, he shouldn’t even be allowed to hold a calculator, much less mess with a computer (in the redhead’s defense, Sky did ruin one of his computers and at least three from the faculty). 

“So I decided to look for one and my friend, Fredrik, recommended you.” His posture turned rigid and the muscles of his neck went taut as an extremely hot Ink expanded and contracted in his hand. “...He said you were one of the best,” he managed to get out in a normal voice.

“Well, I guess no one can say I’m bad at what I do,” Alexia mused, sending him a curious look, obviously noticing his tensing. “I could help you, but...” She turned away with a sigh, eyes blinking against the light that streamed through the bay windows, turning her black tresses into rusty copper strands. 

Suddenly, her eyes went wide and she turned them straight to the blonde. Then, without speaking a single word, she snatched her laptop from her bag, opened it and began to type away. 

“What’s wrong?”
“What was your last name again?” 

Sky frowned as, once again, his question went answered, but was too curious about the girl’s sudden shift in behavior to not reply. “Evans... why-” 

“Your mother, is she Hanna Evans?”
“Dr. Hanna Evans,” Sky corrected, remembering how angry his mother got whenever someone failed to address her properly. Then he stiffened as he realized what she had just asked him. “How did you-? Did you just do a research on me-?” 

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything like that.” She looked nervous, the fingers on the hand that she had laid beside the laptop twitching, ghosting over some invisible object. “My mom mentioned her a few times.”

“How did she know my mother?”
“She also worked at Medix.”
“What?” Sky looked at her, baffled. It couldn’t be true, it was too much of a coincidence. But then, hadn’t he also thought the name Rikona familiar?

“Look here.” 

Sky leaned forward to see where Alexia was pointing at the screen. “I can’t find any records of any Dr. Evans on the corporation files. They were erased...” she hesitated, leaning back into her chair, a strange expression on her face. “My mom is the same.”

Sky went very still at that, barely noticing as Ink slipped through his fingers. 

“Alexia, did your mother...” 
“Your mom went missing, didn’t she?”

There was no point in denying it anymore. “... Yes,” he admitted, taking a deep breath. “And I suppose your mother is the same.”

She nodded, but her expression remained the same; detached and pensive. 

“We need to figure out what’s going on, to find a way to get them back. It would be easier if we helped each other, don’t you agree?” He said, offering his hand, hopping and praying that she would accept. 

The End

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