Agent Two - Two Down

I was watching the boy from across the street as he sat in a college coffee shop when I saw movement to my right off very familiar black hair. It wasn't who I thought it was. No, it wasn't Maria. The girl was too short and her eyes a plain brown.

Maria was tall and slim with exotic hazel eyes that seemed gold. There faces though and dark black hair was identical down to the tanned flawless skin. I was too busy staring at this girl to here the approaching footsteps from behind me till they jumped. I span round just in time to catch Maria. "Joseph! I haven't seen you in weeks" she grins down at me shiny teeth.

"Maria" I said before she kissed me and I pushed her back. "What are you doing here? And I told you to stop doing that"

"Stop kissing you" she says trailing a finger down my body. "Never"I grabbed her wrist and moved it away with a serious look. She sighed and gestured to the girl like her. "Following that girl with your twin"

"He's not my..." I began before trailing off. We both stood at around six foot with the deep gray eyes and blond hair. His eyes were a lot more darker and his body more built but essentially we almost matched just like Maria and the girl.

"I saw Lea around here as well. She's following her twin. What is going on?"

I pulled out the book from my pocket and handed it to Maria watching her skim through it. Her hands tightened on the book the more she read before I quickly took it from her before she tore the pages to peace. "Calm, Maria"

"Out parents just gave us away!"

"I don't think they had much of a choice" I whispered. From what I read the moment they announced their pregnancy was the moment they were part of the program. From that point their creative curiosity was fed to keep them willing to the program.

Maria laughed harshly and turned her eyes across the street. I watched pain fill them now she looked at the girl who had sat down with Skyler. "When we asked about our parents we were always told they were dead" she choked. "That we had no family"

"I know" I whisper slipping my hand into Maria's feeling her squeeze on it. Tears almost filled her eyes but she blinked them away and looked up at me.

"We have to find out why"

"Exactly what I was thinking"

The End

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