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Alexia sat back in her roller chair, causing it to slide a little. She stared at her computer, picking up her rubik's cube as she did when she was solving a puzzle in her mind.

"Ai-Chan, how did mom get access to my computer." Twist, twist, click.

"Outside source. IP address" Ai-Chan responded. 

Twist, twist, twist.


"Ai-Chan, track previously mentioned IP address." Twist. Click. Twist. Click

Turning to look at her deep purple wall, the one with the window, she already saw it in her mind. Her mother, sitting alone in an office chair, typing away at a computer. Solving the same puzzle over and over again, breaking every firewall, decoding every little piece of information. Stealing her daughter's entire program.

In one click of the mouse, and one avoided snap of a trigger behind her.

"Location detected. Medix Corp. Campus. 33 Degrees North 22 Degrees west of Lexi-Sama's location"

Twist. Click. Snap.


Alexia didn't go to school. She knew if her mother were home she would have been in trouble. But Alexia knew that her mother wasn't coming home. It didn't take a genius to figure out the Medix Corp. wasn't as pleasant as it seemed, and it was certainly plain to see that they weren't going to just let her mother go after forcing her to steal her daughters work like that.

Using a normal note pad for once, just in case Medix left an easter egg on her machine, Alexia started writing down plans, like gamer code.

"Hack, virus, destroy- goodbye Medix.... But goodbye Parents." Alexia sighed, fiddling with the broken rubik's cube. "It seems I can't just hack from here. I need to get in there. But how? I can't just walk in. They'll know."

Interrupting her thoughts, Ai-Chan announced a new message.

"Ai-Chan, read message" Alexia replied, hoping it was a friend checking in on her. She needed a momentary distraction.

"Yes Lexi-Sama"

Getting up, Alexia sat down on her unmade bed, staring at her poster covered bedroom door as she awaited the start of the message  Oddly, it was a friend of a friend... of a friend.

" Message from +44 305 28121----Hello, sorry to bother you. I'm Fredrick's friend. You know, the crazy guy, friends with the computer geeks? Well, anyways, my name's Skylar. I think I have something interesting to talk to you about. You know that corporation, Medix? I think somethings going on. Something big. I can't say much. But I need to see you. I think you might be able to help me.----- End of Message" Ai-Chan stated, in its robotic voice.

Hearing about Medix, Alexia bolted upright.

"He knows something... that means..." Alexia dashed to her computer and instantly tracked the cell phone signal to the college dorms, before it suddenly went dead.

Knowing what she had to do, Alexia grabbed her backup hard-drives- including her portable copy of Ai-Chan- Shut down her computers and Ai-Chan's entire mainframe, packed up, and left.

But not before burning the evidence she knew Medix might look for later.

The End

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