Agent Two - The Trio Switch

I was sat in the window when the boy got back fiddling with the book between my hands. I was so tempted to read it. I was meant to be working though. I saw lights flick on then flick out. The boy was probably looking for his mother.

I sighed and shook my head. I would have known straight away without any point for messing around searching. I mean its obvious no one is home when you enter and the lights are off. Then the cold air thats the second sign. The fact no one has turned the heating on. I shook my head at the poor boy. He was my age yet he was so unskilled.

He was skilled but not skilled enough. He couldn't understand that his mother was gone when he entered the house. I looked down at the book in my hands. I nibbled on my lip and glanced at the lights on in the house. 

I could read some of it couldn't I? I flicked through the first few pages. The first one was printed but after that it was all notes. The writing was elegant and very feminine so I quickly put it to Skylar's mother who had signed the book with a small drawing under her name. The mark of the company. I blinked and flicked back to the front page leaning into it as I began to read.

'The Trio Switch

As ordered by the corporation. Three couples of our workers shall give their DNA to the discovery of science in manipulating genes. These couples where the women is pregnant shall give birth to a child who is to be handed over in exchange for the experiment.

The experiment grown of the DNA of the parents shall also be infused with Chemical Ethiopia as shall be it code name. 

It is the couples job to study these experiments to see if Ethiopia works on those born with it having already failed with the administration of the drug in some of our adult agents. 

As for the children without the Chemical they will live in the company and train soon to take place as the watcher of the experiments. Everyone is expendable in the care of the experiments'

I stared down at the page for a very long time before tucking it away. I turned my eyes to the house where Skylar was. Where... the experiment was which made me his watcher. Handed over by my parents because they had a better child in my place. I'd been told I was an orphan just like Lea and Maria.

We weren't though. We had parents and having been so blind I'd let mine slip right through my fingers. I clenched my fist.

Down there... the boy I was watching was my biological brother. We were born from the DNA of the same parents. In different ways but that didn't change the DNA.

"Brother" I tried out but it sound so odd and not right. My only family over the years had been Lea and Maria and we never had time to really be family. I sighed leaning back against the chimney.

I didn't know what to do the company were keeping dirty secrets I knew that but I'd never expected one to effect me or to be about me. I looked back at the house and tensed cause all the lights were off. I swore and grabbed the book rushing for my bag. I tossed the book in before shrugging it onto my back and heading out. Going across the street to the house I made sure to check left and right before I was safely slipping into the garden. Reaching the back door I found it an inch open.

Shoot, he ran off. I looked at the ground and saw fresh marks of boots. I was about to follow but stop looking back at the door. I went over and closed it firmly before starting to follow the boots. I headed through a lot of field before finally coming to a street. I swore leaning against a building and looking up and down the three streets he could have taken.

I couldn't have lost him. I really couldn't have lost this kid. Kneeling down I shrugged off my bag pack and tugged out my notepad laptop. I opened it and sat on the pavement waiting for it to flicker on. "C'mon, c'mon" I said impatiently as the thing loaded.

When the screen came up it wasn't your usual windows but the company. I quickly tapped up the file on Skylar. I needed his close friends, relative or wherever he could go. I didn't have that in his file. Lazy agents not filling a file right. I got two things. A name of a friend then the college dorms. I nibbled on my lip. Where oh where to go first?

The End

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