Erikka Strikes Again

Having snapped out of my little daze, I remembered I needed groceries. With no choice but to face the day, I get up and change to my summer clothes. Walking to the door, I check I have everything, before stepping out into the warm summer air.

On the way to the store, I continue to ponder my family, the image of the bracelets becoming more and more prominent in my head. Yet even though my mind was occupied, I couldn't get rid of the feeling that someone was watching me.

Stopping on the small sidewalk and taking a 360 degree look around myself, I come to the conclusion that someone one is there. Although I don't see anyone, just an empty sidewalk on both sides of the road, and a row of identical houses either side of me, I feel like someone is staring at me.

I begin to panic a little, looking around me frantically as I back up towards my house. Suddenly, as I turn to face the way back, I see a man standing two feet in front of me, holding a knife.

"Listen." He speaks softly as though he really is a gentle person, instead of a mad man holding a knife in my face. "We do this calm and soft, and no one gets hurt" He says, as he draws closer to me.

"Like hell" I whisper under my breath, as I take minute steps backwards, trying to stay unnoticed.

"All I want, is your money. That's all I want. So don't try anything funny okay?" He moves closer, yet again and his hand lightly brushes my coat. I get a weird feeling for a second, but I ignore it as I see his expression change to worry. I can't help but feel bad for the guy, though his need for cash seems questionable. 

As he moves his wrist up. I see a flash of silver. Panic fills my mind as the image of the bracelet swirls in my head. I imagine my family being pulled away by this man, and it's like my brain snaps. In what seems like an instant, I am turned completely away from him and I'm bolting down the road. Turning the corner I fall back into an alleyway, hoping he's not smart enough to notice.

Of course I was wrong and without hesitation he follows me into the Alley. Running for my life, I realize there's a faint wall visible a few feet away. Accepting my situation, as for some reason this alley has no conveniently placed objects to help me reach the fire escape, I back myself up against the wall, readying myself for a fight.

He draws slowly closer.

I get into a fighting stance.

He holds the knife steady and runs up as if to stab me.

Lighting fast I roll myself, using the corner of the alley to push me.

His knife breaks against the wall and he immediately backs into the corner.

My body moves on its own and I am strangling him, my hands leaving strange red marks as I do.
 Though I feel no heat, I see his neck sizzle as it burns and far to late, I regain my own control again.

Horrified at myself, I let him go and stare at my hands as his body drops to the floor. He breathes a few times before he coarsely screams in pain holding his neck as I back up down the alley.

As I watch him slowly dying there, I begin to cry in hysteria. I turn around halfway up and run away from the crime I just committed, with the strange power I can't control.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry" I whisper to myself as I try to escape the images in my head.

The End

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