Agent Two - Something Wrong

Joseph sat fiddling with his dagger as he sat watching the boy. He found this part always boring. Then something happened that he didn't expect. His shadow... moved. Not in the way shadows usually did but of its own accord.

The boy looked back at it then turned back to the archery range. He had a good aim. Not as Agent Two's but good. He doubt the boys accuracy lasted as he got as far away as Joseph could get with firing a bullet and hitting a important organ. Joseph watched the shadow more closely and found himself amazed.

The shadow was moving on it own. Like it was its own person but it kept to being a shadow. A guess would because the boy wasn't alone. There were many people around him who probably hadn't noticed the shadow moving how it seemed to raise a little every so often.

Agent two pulled out his phone about to call back to base and inform Denia Elong but found a missed call from Lea. He rung her back and she picked up quickly. "Something's wrong, Joseph"

"What do you mean?" he questioned even though he knew what she was getting at.

"These teenagers they've sent us to watch. They're strange. Different. Special" she said beginning to babble. 

"You mean they have gifts" Joseph whispered watching the shadow as it almost looked at him. The shadow then hit out at the boys leg trying to make it look his way. Joseph got to his feet and walked off.

Lea breathed out heavily on the other end of the phone. "That's exactly what I mean" she whispers. "There... There was another agent and I swear she'd just... set him alight but she didn't have a lighter and it wasn't any normal... burning. I'm really freaked out here, Joseph. We weren't trained for this type of stuff"

"I know" he whispered glancing back behind him. The boy, Skylar, that Agent Two had been watching had ignored his shadow and not looked his way. The shadow was still watching though. He could feel it now. Joseph turned his back and started walking off again. He need to eat. "This is a job, Lea. Just think like that"

"But Joseph-" he hung up and shoved the phone in his pocket. He had sort of lied to Lea. He wasn't going to leave it alone. How could he? 

Joseph headed to the boys house. The mother was gone by now. Not that he knew. Agent Two easily picked the lock and slipped into the house. It was basic. A normal home with photos of past memories. A kitchen. Living room. All the basic things. It was plain. Joseph sat on the back of the couch and closed his eyes.

What was going on why did these children have these gifts? He stood up again and eventually came across a study. He thought it was useless. The extraction would have obviously got rid of any interesting data. Then he saw a book on the shelf. It was an inch out of place but since non of the other books were it stood out. He plucked it down and found another book hidden inside. He checked his watch. 

He should get going. So he did leaving via the back door. When he got out he went across the street to his own home for the mean time. He went upstairs and sat in the slightly tinted window watching and waiting for the boy to come back. He opened the book and the words burst out of him.

The Trio Switch.

The End

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