Beep. Beep. Beep.

The alarm sounded annoyingly. Slamming her hand down onto the snooze button, Alexia sat up in bed and yawned.

"Ai-Chan, computers on" She spoke into the hidden microphones placed around the room.

"Yes Lexi-Sama" The computer voice responded.

Alexia stood up and made her way past the computer desk to the bathroom, the monitors flickering on one by one as she passed by. The last monitor however, was already on- one of her fastest machines- so she stopped to log on quickly before entering the bathroom.

Following her morning routine, Alexia took a quick shower and brushed her teeth before commanding Ai-Chan to choose her usual weekday clothing.

Making her way back into the room, she crossed the large open space to her closet, to pick up the newly washed and dried clothes. In a hurry to check her forum and email updates before school, Alexia dressed fast and sat down on the big roller chair by her desk. Moving her fingers lightning fast on her keyboard, she logged onto her usual sites, before noticing a strange advertisement for the company her parents worked for. Clicking the link she checked out the information page.

"Do you feel like you're being watched? Introducing the new security system by Medix. No longer will you feel threatened from afar with this state of the art system, Aitech. Installation is quick and easy, and can be controlled using simple voice commands. Only 999 pounds. Payable through a three year installment and maintenance contract..." She read quietly to herself before turning towards her room.

"Ai-Chan, data analysis. Aitech, Medix corporation." She stared at the ceiling as she spoke.

"Aitech, Artificial Intelligence Technology, exact replica of Ai-Chan's programming, with added security protection measures including infrared laser beams and motion detection. Designed for home, commercial and military uses. Currently produced in Europe and North America. Designer and Programmer unavailable. Site passage for information- Medix organization, log number 223 dash 77 dash 64, Log name- mom." Ai-Chan replied, without feeling.

Alexia's jaw dropped to the floor as she heard the last of the information.

"Ai-Chan, when was the last time I logged into my computers"

"Yesterday" Ai-Chan responded.

"When was the last time I was in my room when logging in" She asked knowing the answer already.

"Two days ago. Lexi-Sama was away on a planned sleepover event with friends."

The End

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