Agent Two

He had been called just like Lea had been called. She said it had been about the experiments. They all knew about them. They all talked about them. Lea had said she had gone to watch a girl called Erikka to make sure that with the removal of her family that she didn't step out of hand. She was sent to watch and learn.

Learn about what though? Why were these four children so important? Agent two shook his head and stared ahead as he walked. He passed other agents. Normal agents. One's who hadn't been brought up here. Groomed to be one of the finest agents that were given the hardest missions. When Agent Two had been only fourteen he'd been given a place of pretending to be the nephew of a very important political man. He found it odd how just some contact lenses and hair dye had made him believe that Agent Two was his little Scotty.

No surprise he'd gotten the information. The man had been rotten down to his very core. Once he had been given the information over to the agency the assassin squad was sent in. Squad. Agent Two hadn't been trained for assassination but he knew her could do it without the need to be in a squad.

"Agent Two here, ma'm" he said as he reached the pavilion and came to stand in the center before Miss Denia Elong. She had been in control of the agency for five years after the founder Albert Elong, her brother, had died. Rumors had gone round and passed that she had killed him. Agent Two certainly didn't doubt she could. She had the coldest heart that he'd ever known and the fury that no one could measure too.

She turned to face him now with her dark razor eyes filled with a deep blue that made everyone feel like they were going to drown in the bottom of the ocean. "Ah, Joseph" she hummed walking over. She stopped before Joseph or Agent Two as all but her and the other groomed Agent's called him. Him and the other three who had lived there from birth felt like a family. The only family Joseph had every know. Denia was towering high over Joseph as she stood before him. He wasn't very tall. About 5"8. "Glad you came so quickly not that I would expect any less"

She turned away and he took this as a chance to talk. "Is this about the experiments like you spoke with Lea about before she left?"

"Yes it is. I'm sending you to watch a boy named Skylar Evans" she said running her fingers over the surface of the large table which lay scattered with paper in the center of the pavilion. 

"A simple watch and report"

"Yes.The report shall be every two weeks" she said. She slid a file across the table so it lay before him. In it contained his new identity. Joseph Lowen. An 18 year old boy from the south of England. He also had documents for rooms booked and a card with a pin. "Only use the card for emergencies and.... take a gun"

"A gun?" Joseph questioned questioned. This was just a watch mission why would he need a gun, he thought.

She saw his confusion and waved a hand. "Just as a precaution. His family is being taken in because they must and you are to watch him"

He nodded and turned to leave. She didn't stop me but he could tell she was watching me. Joseph checked his short brief on Skylar Evans and found nothing... exceptional about the lad. He shook his head and closed the file as he reached his room beginning to pack. "Are you leaving?"

When he turned he saw Freya, a new recruit, by his door. Not only was she a new recruit but she was stunningly beautiful. When Joseph had first seen her he had been in awe of her obvious curves and long soft looking hair that was a deep raven black. No surprise that a week later they had ended up in his room. While it was forbidden to have a relationship a bit of fun was allowed. Usually the pretty recruits were transferred after two months anyway and he'd already heard Freya was moving to the French base. Not that Joseph cared.

He'd had his fun. "I have a mission. You know how it is"

She nodded quiet but looked down at her feet. She took a slow breath. "I was just hoping to spend my last two days with you before I was transferred"

"Already?" Joseph said turning back to packing his stuff. He walked over to his arms cupboard grabbing a gun, the lisence then a few clips of ammo.

Freya nodded. "But I guess work calls" she said walking over and kissing hi, softly. "It was fun, Joseph" then she left. Any normal guy would have gone after her but Joseph couldn't stop her being transferred just like he couldn't change the fact he had an assignment.

The End

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