My name is Erikka. I'm 18. I live--lived, with my parents, brother and baby sister. That is until they disappeared. But you know what the truly odd part is? Instead of going on a super hunt to find them, I just seem for be forgetting their existence. Don't get me wrong, I loved them... Dearly. But something inside me is telling me not to go after them, so I don't. All I know is that this is all confusing, you know, with my missing family and... well long story short I'm not your average teen.

"Wake up" A voice whispered.

I opened my eyes to find myself standing in an empty park, located on top of a hill. I look around to see the park is surrounded by lights from every direction, reaching out into the darkness as though trying to protect itself from the dangers lurking in the night. 

A city I think to myself as I pull my arms closer, suddenly realizing that I'm not actually affected by the December chill, or the mass of tiny snowflakes dancing around me. Before I can think anything more about where I am, I hear a small thud behind me. I turn to find where the noise came from.

For a moment I'm shocked, worried that someone might be able to see me. Then I see. A child standing in the distance, facing away, wearing a snow suit, mittens, and a hat. I don't understand how I know, but I sense that the child is my younger self, and this is actually a memory....

As this memory comes flooding back, I see the scenes unfold before me like a movie.

The man in the distance, walking slowly forward as my younger self turns to continue running. The slow careful movements of his steps, as he finally catches up to me, unable to continue moving in the thick snow.

I can feel the soft touch of his hand on my cheek, slowly moving down onto my shoulder, gripping my arm slightly and pulling me forward towards his house down below. Suddenly I'm no longer watching, but I am the little girl- my old self- once more living this memory, somehow forgotten.

He pulls me hard, as I resist more and more. Finally he swiftly picks me up from the ground and carries me on his shoulder. Though I squirm and fight I cannot escape his iron grasp and I am forced to give up. Closing my eyes, I feel the warm tears turn to ice as they fall down my cheeks,

"Please" I say in a soft whisper "Please save me, someone..." Instantaneously, there is a brilliant flash of light. and I fall to the ground, the snow engulfing me in a cold comfort. The man is gone, but I'm losing consciousness, and the snow is getting thicker.


"wake up" A voice whispers to me, again.

Snapping my eyes open, I no longer feel the chill of the snow surrounding me. I am no longer the little girl from my past. I am in my room. My small, dark room with the single tiny window that lets no light in, no matter what time of day. The room that is my safe house and my prison cell.

Getting up, I change, brush, and eat. I pull out my winter coat, boots and hat, wondering why they were still stashed in the closet if it's winter outside. Opening the front door, I brace myself to step into the cold air. There is only one problem; when I open the door, it's summer outside.

"What...?" I ask myself quietly, retreating inside before anyone can see me. "What is going on here?"

In a sort of daze, I remove my winter attire, without bothering to put it all back. I stumble into the living room and sit down, staring into the blank screen of the powerless television. As I'm sitting there, the realizations come racing back, like the dream I had the night before. I see my family, the way they were on the last day I saw them.

I remember my mom first. She was standing in the kitchen that morning, packing lunches for everyone as she usually does. I remember how she was standing at the counter, wearing her usual navy blue business suit, her straight brown hair tied up in a long pony tail. I always thought it was strange how I had curly hair, in comparison to her hair. No one else had curly hair in my immediate family.

Then my dad came rushing in. Having spilled coffee on his pants from my baby sister squirming too much, he had been wearing the mismatching suit, consisting of his black blazer and navy blue pants. No doubt he would change before he left though, he always did. His hair was the usual tangle, slightly longer than most men's hairstyles, going from people his age, he had a slight beard too, due to the lack of seeing a barber in a while.

My brother was better co-ordinated than my dad, thankfully. With short, clean-cut brown hair and baby blue eyes, all of the girls at school loved him. That morning, he was wearing a new pair of skate shoes he got for his birthday the week before, and his favorite shirt and Jeans. I recall picking on him, because he looked like he was trying to impress someone. Now I wish I'd told him how much I loved him instead...

My baby sister was her normal self that day too. As usual her baby-sitter dressed her in a frilly pink dress, and matching shoes. Not like she cared though, she was only 10 months old. She did however, have a strange bracelet on. One I'd never seen before. 

Thinking about it now. I think they were all wearing a bracelet. But, with the state of mind I've been in recently, I can't be sure.

So here I sit, on this couch, contemplating my life, my missing parents, and my strange dream last night.

The End

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