The Duke of Swirl: Accusation

When I was told that Queen Frostine and King Kandy were going to Grandma Nut's, I was unsure. What motive would she have? Was she jealous of everyone else? I wasn't sure, but I didn't know what else to do. So I hopped in my sleigh and joined them at Grandma Nut's house.

When I arrived, King Kandy was already thumping his hand on her door. It opened and Grandma Nut peered out.

"Why hello, dear!" She said, smiling. She called everyone dear. The king turned to Queen Frostine, who stepped forward.

"Grandma Nut, what do you know about the stolen sugar?"

"Stolen sugar?" Her tone changed to one of alarm. "What do you mean?"

"She doesn't seem to know about the crime," I whispered to Frostine. Frostine pursed her lips.

"She could be lying." But she sounded unsure.

King Kandy cleared his throat and turned to Grandma Nut. "We shall have to take you back to the palace with us while the guards search your house."

"You mean, like an arrest?" I asked, surprised. No one had ever been arrested before.

"No, er, not quite." Grandma Nut looked sorrowful, but she complied and got into the back of my sleigh. We all felt uneasy as we left. Things like this had never happened in Candyland before. It was quite worrying.

The End

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