Mr. Mint -- Candy-Dates

"Grandma Nut?" I frowned when I heard the news. That didn't sound right. That didn't sound right at all. The only thing she used sugar for was to make peanut brittle. And the only thing she made peanut brittle for was so that she could offer it to us as we passed her cottage. She was the sweetest person I'd ever met! She didn't need any sugar.

Sure, their evidence made sense, but I wasn't convinced. So, while everyone rushed over to her peanuty abode, I snuck back home, racking my brain for a different candidate. Or, as I guess you could say around these parts, candy-date.

I was just passing Lord Licorice's place when an idea struck. Maybe I'd ask him if he had any ideas. He hadn't been out all day. I wondered if he'd even heard the news.

So, without any further ado, I sauntered up to the twisted-licorice porch of his mansion and banged the black doorknocker. There was an annoyed sigh from inside and then I heard footsteps. He stuck an eye into the peekhole and I flashed a friendly grin.

With an even bigger sigh, he drew back and then opened the door, "What?!"

"Have you heard the news?" I blurted, "Someone has stolen the sugar from Candyland!"

He gave me a strange look. It was somewhere between skepticism and amusement.

I decided maybe he hadn't heard me clearly, "All the sugar is gone! King Kandy doesn't know what to do."

That indiscernible smile only twisted wider, "Oh dear, that is tragic."

"Yeah! Who do you think had the nerve to do it? They think Grandma Nut but--"

"Grandma Nut?!" he seemed to supress a laugh.

"That's what I said," I shook my head, "It can't be her."

"Well," he had to almost go on tiptoe to put a hand on my shoulder, "With you on the case, I'm sure they'll find out soon enough. Very little gets past you, my miny friend."

"You mean it?" I beamed.

"Of course, of course," he smiled, patting my shoulder.

"Well gee," I rubbed the back of my neck, "Thanks Lord Lic--"

He gave me a slight shove, "Now you'd best get over there and help. They'll be needing you there."

Greaty encouraged, I left his porch and headed down the tiled pathway for the third time that day. Lord Licorice hardly gave me more than a scowl, let alone a compliment!

I knew he'd come around one day.

The End

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