King Kandy: Grandma Nut

I was exhausted by the afternoon. I really wanted to take just a short little nap but I knew that I couldn’t until our sugar thief has been found. Although I did begin to doze off while I was sitting on my throne.

But what seems like the billionth  time today my head servant, Hershey, came running in. “Queen Frostine is here to see you your highness.” Right as he got the words out she came running into my throne room. She was about to speak when I put my hand up.

“Queen Frostine, I told you earlier that if I found out anything I would tell you.”

She sighed loudly in annoyance. “I wasn’t going to ask about the sugar King Kandy. I came here to tell that I think I know who took our sugar!” That caught my attention.


 She sighed again as if it were supposed to be obvious. “Grandma Nut!” I thought for a moment .Yes, yes it could be Gramma Nut….

“We must not jump to conclusions yet, but we shall go and search her home.” I replied to her.  She nodded her head. “Then lets go!” Together we took our guards and headed to Grandma Nuts home.

The End

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