Princess Lolly- Guesses and Answers

"Princee Lolly, what do you think about it?" Mr. Mint asked me. I looked at him, he was frowning. He wasn't happy about this.

"Well, it has to be the work of a villain." I replied smiling, but not sincerly.

"Yes, you're right. What about you, Queen Frostine?" he asked, turning his gaze to the Queen.

"I agree with the princess." she nodded, probably trying to figure this thing out, like me.

"Okay, meeting dismissed."

I got up from my chair and fluttered into the forest. I needed to think of who would've done it. There was a possibilty it was Lord Licourish, but I had met him myself and he didn't seem cabable of such a horrible thing.

I neared the passing and stopped at my house. I opened the door and jumped onto my comphy slik bed.

"Well, thinking is for nap time." I said to myself and fell asleep.

The End

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