Mr. Mint -- Mindboggling Mystery

I continued my jolly stride down the multicolored path and had just changed the tune of my whistling when the sound of horse hoofs pounded behind me.

"Faster!" the noble voice of the Duke of Swirl hollered. I turned my head curiously and barely had time to gasp before a speeding carriage rushed by me, spinning me around in circles before I fell on my rump in the snow.

"Sorry!" he called back over his shoulder. I smiled and straightened my hat. Why was he in such a hurry?

As if to answer my question, Queen Frostine came rushing by as well. She wore a concerned frown and I immediatly asked what was wrong, for she hardly frowned.

"Have you not heard?" she gasped, "The sugar has been stolen!"

I tilted my head, wondering how that was possible; that was a lot of sugar to carry, "All of it?"

She nodded solemnly.


She shrugged, "I'm just waiting until I hear more."

I nodded, deep in thought for a moment. An idea struck and I hurried back to my cart.

 "Well, good day then Queen Frostine," I took off my hat and gave her a bow. She gracefully waved as I continued on my way and then was swarmed by some her subjects.

I turned my gaze back to my path and began to hum. I had to get to King Kandy's castle quick. The flagpole aside, I was sure he was having a headache of a time trying to keep everyone calm. I gripped my cart tighter and lengthened my stride, determined to help him.  

The End

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