Lord Licorice: How the crime was carried out

Ok, before i begin the story, I need to explain something. I'm a villian. But for some reason, all of moy scemes seem to fail. Some say it's my clumsiness. Others say I'm just a bad villian. I also live in the happiest place on earth; Candy land. I hate all the townsfolk from my neighbor Plumpy to Gloppy in the swamp. But worst of all is Mr. Miny. He towers over me, and his voice is annoyingly loud. He's probably the most annoying of them all. Everyday he walks past my swamp and greets me. Whenever I aske him to leave, he always says the same phrase: "You oughtta go have some fun!" I really hope he falls in one of my licorice pits. As you have probably noticed, I hate happy. So I targeted the one thing around here that makes people happy: sugar. Sa are you wondering how I did it? I'll tell you right now.


I dashed through the King's courtyards only to be caught by the King's guards. They led me down to the dungeons and locked me in their strongest cell. As soon as they disappeared up the stairs, I bagan my escape. Lucky for me, the cell bars were made of Peppermint sticks. As much as I hate peppermint, I started to eat my way through. A few hours and a broken tooth later I finally chewed through. I tiptoed the the underground vault conveniently stored in the dungeun, only to find it locked. I pulled a piece of stale licorice out of my pocket, shaped it into a key, and opened the wault. Inside were bags and bags filled with precious sugar. I grabbed them all and ran off, taking my licorice key out of the door and dropping it into some nearby hay. It looked so dirty, It would be at least a year before they found it. I climbed through the window and sprinted back to my swamp, only to be greeted by Mr. Mint. I quickly shoo'd him off and hid the sugar in one of my many licorice pits hidden in my swamp. After that I sat down at my kitchen table and ate a licorice rope for lunch. This tim it was a twist of red and black. I sat there savoring every bite until I caught myself eating my own glove.

The End

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