King Kandy

I was sitting in my throne room when  my head servant came running in.

"Any news on who took the sugar?" I asked hopefully. He shook his head.

"Queen Frostine has resquested an audience with you."

I sighed. I was expecting that sooner or later she would. She wouldn't be the first person to come to me about Candylands loss of sugar. I would tell her what I told everyone else. I've sent out my best guards to find the awful villian who stole our precious sugar.

I  walked out into the castle courtyard. I stared sadly at my honey fountain. It no longer flowed with my glistening golden sugar filled honey. I wanted to find out who did this as soon as possible. And the tough part is that everybody was looking to me for answers.

"King Kandy!" a loud voice yelled from behind me. I turned to see Queen Frostine.

"Hello Queen Frostine. I understand that you are here because of our loss of sugar."

"Do you have any idea of to what is going on?"

"Queen Frostine, we do not know who has stolen the sugar, but I have my best guards searching for the villian and hope to get answers very soon." I told her.

"Alright then, I guess i'll be on my way. But if you hear any news, you better let me know right away." 

I nodded and she left. I went back to my throne room wondering if I would find any answers soon. I really hope so.

The End

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