Princess Lolly

I danced around the trees of Lollypop Woods, to my own music.

Suddenly I heard a voice, coming from the right of me, it spoke so low only I would be able to hear it. That's when it hit me, it was meant for me.

"Lolly, we need you. There's a big problem." the voice said, as he stepped out and showed himself.

He was a very handsome man, with drak curls and big blue eyes. He looked childish. Who was this boy? He couldn't be a man, could he? His face was childish, making him look in his teens.

"What is the matter?" I asked, the words coming out different then I ment to say them. I had ment to say, "Who are you?" but said the other instead.

It was hard not to look away from his face, and his beauty, waiting to devour me.

"Snow is falling, it's vanilla." he shuttered, something was wrong. But it seemed perfectly fine that it was snowing vanilla ice-cream.

"I love vanilla ice cream." I commented.

"Yes, we all know that, but miss there's know sugar." he muttered.

"What? How can that happen? Candyland has enough sugar to last for centuries." my voice shook with fear, someone was behind this, but who?

"I don't know, majesty." He stuttered.

"Take me there, emmediately." I demanded.

"Yes miss."

He grabbed my hand and led me toward the edge of the forest. I could see the sun glinting off the beautiful, creamy, delicious, yummy snow.

I picked up a scoop in my hand, and tasted it.

"Uck." I spit it out, it was horrible.

"I know miss, but who was it?"

"Somoeone mean and vicious."

I fluttered back into the forest, wanting my worries to just go away, just as did the boy as the fairy went into the woods.


The End

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