The Duke of Swirl

I was eating breakfast when Sprinkles, my head servant, came in.



"You have to come outside, quick!"

Sighing, I got up and followed him outside, wondering what could possibly be so urgent. As we walked, I noticed that it was snowing. Vanilla flavor, I should think. Sprinkles pointed at the ground.

"Taste it, sire."

I took a small spoon from my belt, scooped up some ice cream, and put it in my mouth. The taste surprised me.

"Why, this ice cream doesn't have any sugar! But how?"

"I don't know, sire."

I scratched my head. This had never happened before and we had never planned for it

"How long has this been going on?"

"I just noticed this morning."

I scratched my chin. "This is probably just temporary. In the meanwhile, let's sprinkle sugar on the ice cream."

"We are out of sugar, sire."

"Why didn't you send anyone to get sugar when the supplies were running low?"

"Sorry, sire." He left and a few minutes later he came back driving a huge sleigh. I jumped in.

"To the vault!"

The End

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