Lightening: Charmin'

She stopped me from talking. That 'nightstalker' actually stopped me from talking! How dare she!!!! She vanishes after she gives me my voice back, quickly too, so quickly that I can't have a go at her.

Tia, Baby and Law are still starring at me. "What are you looking at?!" I huff out.

"You, obviously," Law says, sliding his arm around Baby. She just looks at the arm for a couple of seconds until he gets the message.


"Shut up," he mutters going into pout mode.

"Well guys, we're here." Tia announces, "Time to meet the family."

"Yay," I twist my fingers scarcastically. Tia gives me the dirtiest of looks, I didn't have to help you, you know.

Yeah yeah yeah. Put a new record on. I strech out of the limo first, we're faced with a huge modern building, with huge clear windows. Shadows pass, which I assume are vampires sneaking around, with nothing better to do.

I see dead bodies in a dumpster, moulding, flies buzz around, rats sneak around, nibbling the bodies. "Lovely place," I mutter under my breath.

"Shut up and move," Tia says, pushing Law and Baby forward.

"You touch me and I'll break your fingers." I say turning to her. She growls pushing past, I shake my head in amusment, silly silly vampire.

Shutit, She thinks. I laugh.

The End

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