Mysteria - You are really irritating

After I got enough speed to launch myself into the air I soar high above the ground until I see the limo and then I teleport.

I usually find it quite amusing to appear to only one person in the centre of a group but I'm regretting my choice already.

I open my mouth to try and say something else and she interrupts me again. Finally I get so annoyed my eyes flash black and suddenly her voice stops and even though her mouth is still moving, nothing comes out. I take a deep breath and glare at her.

"I am The Nightstalker." I say through gritted teeth. "I've seen your past, and that is why I chose to show myself to you. If you don't start listening now, you're not going to have a future. And that's not a threat from me. It's from The Fates."

Then I give her back her ability to speak and vanish.

Bloody kids these days!

The End

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