Benijiman and I are sitting on my blood red sofa (ironic) drinking Bloody Maries (ironic).

"Why do you want Lawson so badly?" Benjiman asks.

"Because, you saw how cute he is. A girl like Serena doesn't disserve a babe like him," I repl with a grin.

"I wish you wouldn't talk about other boys in front of me," He mutters not looking at me.  I move closer to him, and take his chin in my hand. I make him look towards me.

"You know your the only one for me. I just want an excuse to kill the baby," I say trying to sound seductive. He blushes. Ben's not as attractive as Lawson is, but he sure is cute. I kis him in the cheek. He smirks, and then raps his arms around me, and we started kissing.

"Can you guys stop," Peter says walking in on us, "You're making me sick.

"Oh be quite. You just wish you could make-out with Liz liek I do." Ben snaps.

"Yeah, well.. You... I... Well... You know... JUST SHUT-UP KAY?" HE then storme out of the room.

"What's his problem?" I ask.

"Who knows. No where were we?" We were about to continue when I hear something. I sneak over to the window, and pear out it. "What is it?" Ben asks nervously.

"Just some vampires who think they're ninja. Jumping form roof top to roof top. Probably searching for out hide-ou,"

"Shouldn't we go and warn the others?"

"Why? They can take care of themselves,"

The End

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