We sit in the limo, bored - well, I am. Law's still, yes that's right, he's STILL trying to get into Baby's good books. I shake my head, Baby does like him, I can tell that much, she's just a bit naffed off at him for turning her. Understandable when one thinks about it, I wasn't too pleased when someone came up behind Law, not long after I turned, and bit his neck.

Let's just say, that particular vampire isn't going around sucking blood.... I look back out of the window as Law, Baby and Tia lasp into a randomly boring convosation. Yawn. As we go under the tunnel, I can see my glamour.

Medium length moosy brown hair tied into a high ponytail. The only part of 'me' they can see is my bone structure, that's only because they can see Law luckly, I've gotten away with giving myself a slightly crooked, lumpish nose. I have pasty skin, like someone with the flu. My eyes seem like little black pig holes. My lips seem slightly too big, my teeth yellowish, random reddish spot sit on my skin.

I smirk at the glamour, thank goodness for glamours. I've never looked like my glamour, almost like how Law wasn't as good looking as he is now. I suppose, growing up in Georgian England, I was attractive. I based my glamour on that peasent girl, my old best friend.

I glance back to the group. Baby doesn't understand, she had to leave her friends. She doesn't want them to die, just because she can't let them go.

I look back out the window and see my true self, the side of me which nobody has seen in over 100 years. My bones are slightly sharper, my coppery hair shines in the light of the car. My big purply black eyes bore into my reflection, framed by thick black lashes. My lips, perfectly plump - and no, I'm not just being vain - purly white teeth shine out of the redness of my lips. My unblemished ivory skin shimmers in the outside moonlight, my nose smooth.

"Oooh, look who loves her reflection." Tia snipes to myside. I roll my eyes and click my tounge.

Suddenly a girl appears in front of me. My eyes go wide, "Hello?"

"Light, who are ya talkin' to?" Law asks.

"Oh, I don't know," I say scarastically. "Maybe just the random person standing in the middle of the limo, making it impossible to see you."

"Are you out of you're nut job mind," Tia says, "There's no one there. God, trust me to get the mad one."

"God," I mimic, "Trust me to get the self obsorbed one."


"Oh, it's true and you know it! We're only here because you want revenge on your poor daddy for killing you boyfriend."

I tisks and looks into the window, "'Ooh, look who loves her reflection,'" I quote her previous words. She gives me the fingers. "Charmin'."

Law shakes his head, "Seriously Sis, who where you talking to?"

"Her," I point at the woman in the middle.

"There's no one there, Light."

"Yes, yes there is. God, are you blind or something?"

"Or something."

"Oh shutit you, you still owe me remember...."

"Yeah yeah yeah."

"So," I turn to the apparently 'invisable' woman, "Who are you?"

"My name has been lost though the ages-"

"There's a supprise."

She grits her teeth, glowering at me, I smile my best smile. "You can call m Mysteria-"

"Well, if the name fits-"

"Will you stop interupting me?!"

"Depends," Law and Baby just look at me as if I've truely lost it this time.

"Depends on what?" Mysteria replies sitting down, looking annoyed.

"Depends on whether you tell me who you really are."

"I'd rather-"

"You'd rather what-"

"Would you let me finis-"

"Yeah, I'd rather-"

"I kill-"

"Now that's not proper grammer is it? If you're continuing with the sentance, then it should be, 'I kill you.'"

"I was going to say that!"

"Yeah right, that's what they all say."

"You're going to be really hard to crack, aren't you?"

"Bingo," I smirk. Law shakes his head, whilst Baby and Tia look trully scared. Oh well, can't please all.

The End

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