Tianna seems to be stepping up to prepare to fill her father's boots on the council. That girl Liz though is far too bold, she is not the law no matter how much she thinks it. She cannot be let to kill the newborn. I sense unbelievable power from Selena, and strangely, self control.

I laugh to myself as I think of Lightning. She has to be one of the most entertaining characters in this place. I was surprised to see her out, she doesn't normally do the whole social scene thing, she hasn't in a while. Then again, I think to myself, she is a glamour. 

I walk along the rooftops, a silhouette against the night sky. I lost my real name long ago during the vampire war. Nowadays, I am known simply as Mysteria, The Nightstalker or even 'The Seductress' by some.. Nobody knows where I'll turn up or who I'll decide to guide. But I do what The Fates tell me to. Nice girls The Fates, they fight too much though. I bend over backwards and flip my legs up into the air, balancing on my hands. I bring my legs down and flip up the opposite way before my cloak can blind me.

Hmm... I wonder, who will I reveal myself to? In order to ensure destiny is carried out in the way The Fates wish it, I have to reveal myself to one, and only one until the time is right to make my presence known to all.

I glide to the edge of the roof and jump down onto the street, my cloak billowing around me in a cloud of midnight black. I hit the ground in a crouch and straighten up, looking down at the small crack in the concrete. Oh dear...

A man stumbles out of an alleyway up ahead and starts to walk towards me. His laughter is evil as he eyes me up, my black lace corset and tight jeans accentuating every curve. My eyes glow amber and the breeze makes my mid-back length hair dance about my face. I look at him vulnerably from behind my hair as he approaches but the hand I wear my fingerless lace glove and ring on clenches into a fist. I can smell evil off of him. This man has killed.

"Well hello there beautiful, I'm glad I ran into you. You'll be a great one to add to the list." His grin widens as he takes in my outfit but then he looks into my eyes and stiffens. I see his soul, his past and present. He has no future. I take a step towards him and raise my gloved hand to his face. Pulling him down to my level I put by lips to his ear and whisper "Did she stay warm long after you cut out her heart?"

His eyes widen in shock and he stumbles backwards several feet. Then he growls and advances again "I'll just have to shut you up then stranger, if you know so much."

I tilt my head to the side and grin "Have you never heard the song 'beautiful stranger'? I ask innocently. He looks confused "Yeah sure I have, why?"

I start to sing softly "If I'm smart then I'll run away, but I'm not so I guess I'll stay...."

He lunges forward and my eyes flash black as I run at him and pounce, tackling him to the ground and sinking my teeth into his neck. He doesn't have time to cry out before he dies. I'm one of those rare vampires that doesn't have to feed, but I love the taste of guilty blood. I stand up and dab at the corners of my mouth with a black lace handkerchief. He lies on his back, his eyes wide and staring at the pale moon above us. He'll never kill again.

Do not forget your purpose here Nightstalker

The Fates are in my head again. Those girls really have no respect for privacy. I vanish into the shadows and start to follow Tianna's car. I have decided that I shall reveal myself to Lightning. I have seen her destiny, and it looks quite a bit like mine, after all, I started out as just a glamour too....

The End

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