We all clamber into the limo, These are so old y' know, I think to Tia.

Oh, shut up and enjoy the ride. Law sits really close to the baby, and she really likes it - she just doesn't admit it. I shake my head, laughing under my breath.

"Where are we going, anyways?" Law says.

"Anyway," I correct, he narrows his eyes at me. "And didn't you hear? We're going for some 'payback.'" I gasp, in mock horror, covering my mouth. Tia tisks under her breath.

"We're not gunna get hurt, are we?" The baby says, I'm going to call her Baby now, bahahahaha!

You do realise that I can hear you, right? Tia thinks in my head.

Yes, you can call her Baby too, if you like.....

I may just do that. I smirk.

"I doublt we will, not with us there." I say, "That is of course, if Tia doesn't turn into the 'secret weapon' she is." I pull a false grimace. Law laughs adding, "And I'll protect you Baby."

I laugh at that.

"What?! I can protect her!" He says offended.

"I wasn't laughing at that, you turnip." I say laughing.

"What were you laughing at then?"

"Your face... Just jokeing, it doesn't matter now."

"Ok then, how are we realited again?"

"Bunny rabbits," is all I say.

"Ha-ha." he says dryly. Tia and Baby just look at each other and shrug.

I start playing with a loose strand on my jumper, I've had this since the new millennium and now it chooses to threading. Super dooper, cherries on a trooper.

You're a freak, you know that don't you?

Yes, at least I except what I am though. I say, tying my long coppery hair up - of course to everyone else it's just mouse brown and medium length. Oh how I love a good glamour. I bet even Law's forgotten what I really look like.....

I look outside at the city blurring past. To be honest, I'm glad that no one can see what I look like - it caused too many problems when they could...

The End

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