"Well that went well" I say annoyed. "I see you guys later"

Peter and Sharp nod, glare at Lightning and Lawson then follow their group leader down the alleyway.

"You sure no how to make friends" Sarcasm clear in my voice. I sigh then pull my phone out of my pocket.

I call George. "Hey G, can you pick my up?"

"Sure, Miss Storm" He doesn't even have to ask for the address.

"Come on Party reckers" I mutter heading for the street. George pulls up in the sort of short limo and I gesture for everyone to get in while I hop in the front.

"To my apartment George" I mutter looking at the young vampire.

"Payback time?" He says gesturing the others in the back.

"Ohhh, big time" I say smiling, he does to but shaking his head.

The End

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