I wink at Lawson yet again.

"Jesus, can we not fight over such BS like a bunch of girls?' Peter asks annoyed.

"Exuse me, I"m a girl," Lightening says.

"Oh, I guess he didn't noice," I say smuggly.

"Well I guess he also thinks the same about you then," Lightening shot back. I thought about that for a second, and then I turned to Peter.

"I... Didn't realize...?" He says looking worried. Yes my angry expression is quite terrifying.  I kicked inbetween the legs, and blowed another bubble of my pink bubble gum. He fell on knees wimpering like a little dog.

"You act all tough but under neath you are just a little girl," I sneer.

Enough of this. I'll kiss you. Would that make it better, and for you to leave my girlfriend alone? Lawson asked anoyed. I have him now.

Of course, I know you'll like it. He then came close to me, and brought his lips close to mine. Our lips interlocked, but then he disapeared. I look around to see where he went.

"BENJIMAN!" I yell. Ben had just charged into him! Knocking my poor baby over. Ben stood above Lawson in triumph.

"Don't touch my girlfriend." Ben sneered at Lawson. Lightning went over to Lawson and helped him up. I saw Serene giggle.

"Think that's funny you little sl*t? Well I'll show you soemthing completely hilarious later," I say. Lightening and Lawson both give dirty looks. Lia just bobs up and down in her own little bubble.

Just becaue he kissed me doesn't meen I' won't still kill little Serena. Tomorrow Night I think should be resonable.

I look at Ben I send him the message. He nods. Even though he knows my intentions, he is completely in lust with me. Nothing could stop me.

"Well looks like me and Beny have to go." I say, trying to sound annoyed. I grab Ben's hand, and I drag him down the ally.

The End

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